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A brief history of CMU Deewane

Deewane is Carnegie Mellon University's premier South Asian all-male a cappella group. We are known on campus and around the country for our unique ability to blend music from all ends of the spectrum - East and West. With their name being Hindi for "madly in love", the group was founded in the fall semester of 2007 by a group of Carnegie Mellon students who wanted to showcase their passion for music.

We've grown from a ragtag bunch into a real musical force, and have performed at such places as Baltimore MD, College Park MD, Ann Arbor MI, and Chicago IL. With more performances, more arrangements, and a whole lot more Deewane coming up in the new year, we're sure that you too will soon be "deewane" for DEEWANE!


Ashutosh Sharma


Material Sciences '18

Pavan Gollapalli

Tour Manager

Information Systems '19

Sanjay Chandrasekharan

Music Director

Computer Science '17

Tyler Henning

Business Manager

Finance '19

Sasank Vishnubhatla

Public Relations Chair

Computer Science '20

Chaitanya Srinivasan


Computational Biology '20

Karan Bokil

Alumni Relations

Information Systems '19

Mihir Yerande

Alumni Relations

Mathematics '17

Douglas Qian

Computational Biology '19

Hari Guduru

Electrical and Computer Engineering '17

Arjun Chidambaram

Statistics and Machine Learning '18

Akash Bharadwaj

Computer Science PhD

Yitian Feng

Information Systems MS

Eishan Ashwat

Biology '20

Meheresh Yeditha

Computer Science '19

David Morales

Computer Science '20


Send inquiries to deewaneacappella@gmail.com, or fill out the form below!